Calibre 电子书管理软件 7.8

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calibre 是一款功能强大且易于使用的电子书管理器。
  • 节省管理您的电子书合集的时间
  • 随时随地使用
  • 全面的电子书阅读器
  • 从网上下载新闻/杂志
  • 轻松共享和备份书库
  • 编辑收藏的图书
  • 支持并满足每一个电子书需求

Calibre 电子书管理软件   7.8


  • 发布: 7.8 [05 Apr, 2024]新功能
    • E-book viewer: Highlight panel: Allow filtering the shown highlights by type of highlight解决的问题: 2057929
    • Conversion: Add support for the CSS text-transform property when subsetting embedded fonts
    • E-book viewer: Allow displaying the view mode paged/flow in the header/footer解决的问题: 2060079
    • Book details popup window: Allow dropping of files to add formats/set the cover just as for the book details panel解决的问题: 2059162
    • Book details: Context menu: Add a menu action to remove the associated link解决的问题: 2058814
    • DOCX Input: Add role=doc-noteref for links to footnotes/endnotes so that they popup in more e-book readers
    • Add a "Mark all selected books" to the Mark action.
    • Add "Hide Empty Categories" to tag browser configuration menu解决的问题: 2059169
    • Supernote: Support for new device firmware
    • Sort by tool: Add an action to re-apply the current sort
    • Grid view cover cache: Fix covers not loading when cache entries are stale
    • Conversion: Do not change viewport relative font sizes used for SVG text elements解决的问题: 2058798
    • Conversion: Fix <style> tags inside <svg> tags not being processed解决的问题: 2058798
    • Get books: Update Kobo store plugin for website changes
    • EPUB Input: Use a translated name for the cover page
    • Bergfreunde Blog 自 VoHe
    • Live Law and 自 unkn0wn
    • Caravan
    • Global Times
    • New York Review of Books
    • Himal Southasian
    • The Week
    • CBC Canada

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